Transfer Academic Requirements

Admission to TCU as a transfer student is based upon evidence of ability to succeed in college-level work. The applicant's total record will be assessed, taking into account the following: 

  1. the cumulative grade point average 
  2. quality of curriculum 
  3. the number of hours and GPA in core subjects 
  4. the high school record and test results (if possessing fewer than 24 transferable semester hours at the time of application) 
  5. extracurricular activities, achievements and honors 
  6. essay

The applicant must be in good academic standing and be eligible to return to all previous institutions. Official transcripts must be submitted from each college attended whether the work was satisfactory, unsatisfactory, or interrupted. Failure to disclose any part of a previous academic record is a serious violation of trust and will subject a student to dismissal and forfeiture of credit earned while in attendance at TCU.

Evidence of acceptable academic standing at an accredited college or university and appropriate academic credentials are required. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is necessary for consideration although a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher on transferable academic coursework is generally required for admission. Every application will be reviewed on an individual basis. In most cases, greater emphasis is placed on academic work completed in recent semesters than on work completed in the more distant past.

Academic Fresh Start is provided for undergraduate students who have demonstrated better than average academic performance in recent college coursework. Only applicants who have completed academic course work ten or more years prior to their current application may be considered for Academic Fresh Start. Students electing to use the Academic Fresh Start policy may request forfeiture of all credits earned prior to ten years from the date of their currently requested admission to TCU. Students must submit transcripts from all colleges attended and the Academic Fresh Start form for consideration.

Grades on all attempted transferable courses except physical education activity courses (including repeated courses and those in which grades of F, D or I) will be used in calculating the grade point average to determine the applicant's qualification for admission. Once admitted, a student's transfer grades will not be entered on the student's permanent record at TCU.

Courses that do not transfer to TCU include the following:

  1. courses in which a grade lower than C was earned 
  2. courses considered to be developmental (e.g., orientation, time management, library skills) or remedial (e.g., those in English, math and reading) 
  3. Vocational-Technical courses

Separate academic requirements exist for: