Merit Based Scholarships

Yearly Value
$20,500 for 3 years
$20,000 for 3 years
$15,000 for 3 years
Phi Theta Kappa (TCU Sponsored)
$12,500 for 3 years
TCU Scholarship
$12,000 for 3 years
Gideon Scholarship for community college Education majors $12,500 for 2 years
Sandra Brown Excellence in Literary Fiction Full Tuition for 2 years

All TCU scholarships are competitive; candidates must attend TCU on a full time basis and present the following minimums for scholarship consideration (meeting minimums does not ensure selection). There is no separate scholarship application; the application for admission is used as the scholarship application.

Requirements for Consideration

  • Cumulative College GPA of 3.25
  • A Minimum of 27 Transferable College Hours
  • Excellence on the Essay
  • Outstanding Activities or Work Experience
  • Outstanding Personal Qualities
  • Optional Teacher Evaluation
  • Gideon Scholarship requirements include a 3.5 minimum GPA and up to 60 transferable hours
  • Sandra Brown Excellence in Literary Fiction requirements at


Fall Consideration - Completed Application postmarked by August 1
Spring Consideration - Completed Application postmarked by December 1

All students who apply by the Financial Aid deadline will be considered until funds are depleted.

Related Information

  • Scholarships are limited to the first BA/BS degree.
  • Renewal is based on a 3.25 cumulative TCU GPA and 24 hours taken during the long semesters.
  • Merit Scholarships are only for new students and will not be awarded to current or former TCU students.
  • Only one scholarship is awarded per student