Your education doesn't have to be like everyone else's

Your education doesn't have to be like everyone else's

From course work to study abroad to the way Horned Frogs act and interact, the TCU experience is influenced by a brief but ambitious mission: to educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.

TCU is committed to providing a global environment, and attracting strong international students is a priority for us. We encourage you to discover why students from around the world have chosen to attend TCU.

TCU’s uncommon balance of a liberal arts and sciences curriculum, leadership activities, classroom application, and internships in your field will make you a sought-after graduate.

The TCU Experience offers you:

  • The integration of challenging academics, cutting edge technology, and activities outside of class
  • A strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences that will teach you how to ask the right questions
  • A combination of major-university choice and small-college culture
  • A genuinely caring and friendly campus and local community, and top faculty who know you by name and serve as mentors
  • A special church relationship that encourages you to explore your beliefs and does not impose a particular point of view