Meet Your Counselor

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Mollie Richardson

Hometown:  Pleasanton, CA


Alma Mater:  TCU

Year I joined the Office of Admission:  2015

Areas I recruit:  Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Dallas

I also work on: Magic in the Metroplex, and the Horned Frog Blog

I think TCU is a great university because:  This place just breathes a special life. Students reap the benefits of a small school atmosphere while not sacrificing large university experiences like athletics, spirit and opportunity. The community here embraces you with open arms, supports you in all your endeavors, and challenges you to be your highest self. You undoubtedly leave this place a better person and a horned frog fan for life. 

Hobbies and interests: Running, hot yoga, traveling, eating anything sweet

Favorite Class in College: Gourmet Foods with Dr. VanBeber and Cultural Memory with Dr. Pitcock  

If you visited me in my office you'd see: Photos of the people I love, TCU spirit memorabilia, a few of my favorite books, and a map to inspire my insatiable wanderlust.

My advice to you: Visit a lot of campuses. Find out what you don’t like and what you’re looking for. Be honest with yourself about what your priorities are and have the courage to pursue the school that best suits you. Simply put, choose the place that you think will help you grow into the person you want to be.