Admission of Freshman Students

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TCU invites applications from qualified high school students who have graduated or expect to graduate from an accredited secondary school. The student should request information about TCU early in the high school career to learn about admission requirements.

Students applying from secondary schools should request, complete, and return application forms following their junior year in high school. Applicants are considered for admission after the Office of Admission receives:

a. completed application form
b. official secondary school transcript
c. SAT or ACT scores (TCU College Board code is 6820 and ACT code is 4206)
d. $40 application fee
e. essay and résumé of activities
f. secondary school guidance counselor's evaluation of applicant.

It is the student's responsibility to complete the application procedure. Students accepted to the University prior to high school graduation are admitted on a tentative basis, pending successful completion of their senior year with academic performance consistent with that upon which the admission decision was based. Verification of graduation is required.

Any college-level coursework attempted after admission but before matriculation must be reviewed by the Office of Admission prior to enrollment and may nullify the offer of admission.

Admitted students must return a nonrefundable enrollment fee by May 1st (National Candidate Reply Date) to secure a place in the fall class.

The following factors are considered when selecting candidates for admission:

1. High School Record. Students are expected to have completed upon graduation a minimum of 4 units of English, 3 units of mathematics (including 2 units of algebra and 1 of geometry), 3 units of science (including one laboratory science), 3 units of social studies, 2 units of foreign language and 2 units of academic electives. The quality and quantity of coursework taken, grades earned, and subsequent rank in the high school class are important in assessing a candidate's probability for success at TCU.

2. Admission Tests. Candidates must present results of the SAT or the ACT. TCU College Board code is 6820 and ACT code is 4206. Arrangements to take one of these tests should be made through the student's secondary school. In addition, prospective performance music majors must audition either in person or by recording. Prospective ballet and modern dance majors must also audition.

3. Essay and Counselor's Evaluation. The student's essay is a significant part of the application as is the high school counselor's evaluation. If the candidate has been out of high school more than three years, the counselor's evaluation requirement is waived.

4. Extracurricular Participation. Activities outside of class, including employment, community/volunteer work, and leadership experiences are evaluated.

5. College Courses taken while in high school. The quality of coursework completed and the grades earned will be considered during the admission process. Official college transcripts must be presented to determine transferability of credit.

6. Special Talents. Special consideration will be given to admission of students with special talents whose application profiles diverge from the general population of students admitted and enrolled, including, but not limited to, artists, athletes, dancers, musicians, poets, and others who demonstrate exceptional ability or potential in their chosen academic, athletic or other area of interest. Special Talent admission decisions will be made by committees or admission officers empowered by the Chancellor.